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Air Attack Training

VAFFU's Air Attack Pilot Training Is Outlined Below

  1. All Lead Pilot Candidates Must Have A Tanker Pilot Rating

  2. Complete the following ground knowledge:

    1. Admin Rules & Procedures While On The Network

    2. Sequencing

    3. Advanced FTA Procedures & Radio Phraseology

    4. Network Procedures As An Air Attack Pilot On VATSIM

    5. Fire Call Formating

    6. Dispatch

  3. Schedule A Placement Training Session

  4. Fly With The Training Team Online ( Total Hours: 4 )

    1. 4 Hours Of Simulated ​FTA Procedures ( Finding, Creating Center Point Coordinates, ect. )

    2. 3 Hours of Circling At A Specific Altitude ( With and Without Auto Pilot )

    3. 1 Hour of Online Simulated Fire Ops ( Mock Checkride )

  5. Apply For A Checkride

Additional Rating Can Be Acquired For:

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