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Image by Shtefan Lounge


We are an organization dedicated to simulating real-world aerial firefighting operations on the VATSIM Network. We strive to be as realistic as possible in our procedures and value the teamwork that makes aerial firefighting possible. 

Image by Higor Prestes


Our mission is to provide a realistic and fun environment for pilots to learn about the complexity and excitement of aerial firefighting. Our operations focus mostly on the United States, and we aim to replicate the real world AirAttack, Lead Plane, and Air Tanker companies that operate in this region. We take training very seriously and understand that while it may feel overwhelming to immediately be met with training obligations, it makes the experience much more enjoyable overall. We highly recommend that you have an understanding of basic VATSIM procedures before joining us, but we are happy to provide some basic training to get you flying as soon as possible!


Our hopes and dreams for VAFFU are to take it to new heights by continuing to grow in all aspects of our operations! We aim to set new records for the number of gallons of retardant dropped and the number of hours flown by our aircraft. We want VAFFU to be for everyone. This should be a safe and inclusive space with an encouragement to learn and improve as a team together.

Image by Alexander Shatov


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